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Universe Likely Has Many Extinct Civilizations: Study

(Discovery) Is there life in the universe? If there is, can it communicate — and does it want to talk to us? If such a civilization is out there, how long could it survive? These are some of the fundamental questions astronomers regularly consider when they think about aliens.

The most famous answer took place in 1961, when astronomer Frank Drake proposed what is now known as the Drake equation. You can read it on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) website, but understand that it outlines the variables needed for a technological civilization to communicate with us.

A new paper in Astrobiology suggests there could be a way to simplify the equation, based on the observations of exoplanets that we have made since the first one was discovered in the 1990s. While the result is depressing — life was plentiful, but is likely extinct — it does have applications to help us extend our own civilization, the researchers said.

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Recently Anthoyn F. Sanchez was asked about the Greys; the gentleman he spoke with posed the question to me, “Just who are the Greys and how many types of Greys are there?” He also asked, “What exactly do they want from us?”

Those of you who are familiar with the information in Sanchez's book UFO HIGHWAY, it states that the prevailing understanding (as provided by the individual who worked alongside Greys while with the military back in the early 1980s) is that on Earth (right now) there is a known group of Greys called the Eloah who represent a living extension of beings created by the Annunaki progenitor race. There are beings which were created thousands of years in our past using stored alien biological samples.

These Greys were called the Igigi (servants of the Annunaki) recognized by humans as a demigod race. Humans at that time were people who themselves were a product of genetic intervention by the Annunaki. The Igigi were charged with their oversight of Humans ensuring that they would perform a multitude of critical tasks to facilitate the prevailing progenitor lineages.

Over time the Igigi would be cast out (displaced) by the Annunaki, sent to the other side of the planet. This is information that is discussed in Sanchez's book and which covers the premise on which the Annunaki saw the Igigi as a threat.

But as for the Igigi themselves and the level of sophistication that went into their creation, this is where we observe the highly advanced technical and biological mastery the Annunaki possessed. Although clones, Sanchez came to learn that some portion of the Igigi Greys are now less than 100% biological with some portion now being artificial and cybernetic.

John Lear a highly decorated Lockheed L-1011 Captain and son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet, he has stated on the record that Grey beings are cybernetic organisms. John has extensive knowledge of the Dulce base in addition to the S-4 facility at Area 51. His assertion that the grey is an artificial entity falls directly in line with what the retired USAF Colonel revealed to Sanchez during their intervew, revelations from the numerous translations of cuneiform inscriptions discovered in 1940 by the Muroc expedition.

This was a group of specialized individuals comprising a unit that departed Muroc Air Field in California setting out for Dulce, New Mexico to establish a site for a secret military R&D testing base whereby efforts from the Manhattan Project could be undertaken.

But Greys are not just limited to cybernetic organisms; there are many other known types of Greys that were not created by progenitor lineages here on Earth, but which originate from Zeta Reticuli (a wide binary star system in the southern constellation of Reticulum) and from Sirius B (a massive white dwarf with a mass equal or close to our own Sun). The Zeta Reticula Greys (aka Small Greys) and the Sirius Greys respectively.

A third group, from the Orion constellation, these are the ‘Tall Greys’ also known as the ‘Tall Whites’. While technically Greys, this species is more humanoid, almost entirely human in appearance (Nordic), differing from the traditional Grey alien appearance. Tall Whites are here on Earth comprising a contingent that is held at a base in Nevada. Historically speaking, these are the greys who met with the U.S. government at Edwards Air Force Base in February of 1954, first contact with non-Earth based Greys. According to the Colonel, the Greys from Dulce NM were also present at the meeting.

The second question of “‘what the Greys want” is no less complex than the first question of “who are they”.

Some Grey species are regular visitors to the planet and are in collusion with various governments and secret societies for the purpose of obtaining and controlling natural resources. It is strongly believed that this further extends towards the preservation of the planet from self-destruction by us humans.

Others believe that the Greys are in collusion with various secret societies to oversee the culling of our current world population of 7.415 billion people (2016) down to a level of 500 million. Interestingly enough the 500 million population figure is in tandem with the very first statement/inscription found on the Georgia Guidestones (Elbert County, Georgia) which reads “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” While it is arguable that this is an edict to some future devastated civilization to rebuild, Sanchez personally believes that this is a message set in place to offer direction for the New World Order. But aside from this culling event, conventional wisdom states that the Greys are all about natural resources.

In places like Dulce New Mexico, Pine Gap - Alice Springs AUS, Area 51 S-4, etc. the exchange of alien knowledge for resources facilitates the advancement of our own technologies ranging from propulsion systems to computing and energy designs, we advance exponentially. The Tall Whites however are more politically inclined and wish for a control structure over humanity.

  • Eloah Greys (Legacy, Lower Level).
  • Eloah Greys (Dissidents).
  • Zeta Reticula Greys (Small Greys).
  • Tall Whites (Tall Greys, Nordics).

There are other Greys as well as those that Sanchez has discussed thus far. However the cosmos (and Earth) are not limited to this one group of intelligent alien species. In addition to Greys there are Human-Alien Hybrids (Austra Albus), and there is Alpha Draconis (Reptilian) descended from a highly evolved and intelligent old Earth dinosaur lineage which left our planet to avert extinction.

There are many. Please be sure to visit UFO HIGHWAY dot com for more information on this subject.


Malevolent beings are rife throughout world religion, spanning Islam to Christianity and Judaism as well as many others from all continents and most cultures. For instance, the Mazzikim ("harmful spirits") as described in the Talmud, or the Grigori who according to the book of Genesis 6:2-4 had forbidden sexual relations with human women (in a time prior to the great flood) thus creating a hybrid fallen-Angelic Human race of giants (the Nehphilim, also known as known as the Watchers); an unclean and taboo race of beings.

In addition to the aforementioned there are other demonic forces such as the Djinn (found in Arabian adages) who can appear as anything – anyone and possess supernatural powers interfering with all vestiges of daily human life, manipulating situations, people and the eventual outcomes – Good or Bad. And while there are so many more examples, we need to now ask the question, “Why the modern connection to Alien beings?”

Are demons the latest in a connection to the alien question because it is an understanding (our interpretation) of modern ‘superficial’ nomenclature that repetitively tells us via television (Ancient Aliens) and movies (Prometheus) that alien entities as described in an ever flowing list of abduction stories told on radio, on the web, in books, at conferences, etc., now represent a demonic force; one that what we understand to be aliens but are now in fact Demons?

What if this is nothing more than a modern perception defined as a careless fusing of separate ideas pulled from the various media and popular affectations of the paranormal? Is that possible?

Working in the development of software for the paranormal community Sanchez is personally forced to step back and analyze data, including influential people in the media, in addition to retold events as played out scenarios; ones that coerce disparate ideas into a new acceptance; forming a congruence that gives birth to a new micro-religion of sort, one with followers who are as devoted to this new belief as any that exist and are longstanding.

Are Grey aliens' demons? Sanchez's answer on this matter is a firm no. He states that the belief that an alien entity is a demon is something that he does not accept. This is his explanation.

Alien entities are not demonic in nature. Are some malevolent? Yes, sometimes. however spiritual experiences such as possessions, attachments, poltergeists', etc. these are in fact earth-borne.

Sanchez's research tells us that these types of manifestations are of ancient sources that may indeed have some connection to off-world progenitor lineages such as the Annunaki, Ar-kons, etc. beings we see in religious texts. But that these manifestations are not related to alien races or off-world entities, particularly as understood in modern UFO culture.

Sanchez profoundly asserts that this modern connection is a falsity, not one that is pernicious in nature but one that is simply a byproduct of two prevailing sub cultures. First, UFO Alien culture. Second, Paranormal culture.

Sanchez states how in the past, most all Paranormal Teams solely studied Ghosts, Demons, Spirits and Haunting's, etc. However, today (as an example) the majority of paranormal teams now shift focus from Paranormal areas to now UFOs and Aliens.

Sanchez thinks that what this does is to negatively help propagate the new and incorrect idea of Demonic entities as Aliens (typically Greys) and vice versa as a new understanding for paranormal teams which is completely wrong.

Even Sanchez with his own paranormal research team tried to include both areas of alternative research beneath one umbrella. But once he realized that the inclusion of two disparate areas into one group was negatively adding to the incorrect proliferation of a real bad coupling of ideas, well that is when he took down his own page and began to keep those ideas separate from one another. Ensuring they remain separate to undue the unfeigned understanding of (one) what is the paranormal, and (two) what is the core of the Alien UFO question?

To avoid bad proliferation of incorrect research and congruence that is facilitated by modern media (which is inherently wrong), these areas should remain entirely separate says Sanchez.

You may be thinking, “But is not this a contradiction because of Anthony’s belief that spiritual experiences such as possessions, malevolent attachments, etc., are somehow connected to the progenitor lineages found in religion and which are understood to not be of this earth (originally) dating back some 250,000 years as mentioned in his book UFO Highway?”

The answer is an emphatic no. This is because reported alien abductions, My-Labs (joint military and Grey alien abductions) as well as all other modern interactions with aliens dating back to Betty and Barney Hill in 1961 are not religious engagements... but rather they are deliberate scientific examinations and tests of the abductee.

Sanchez states that this is what defines the absolute difference between Alien versus Demonic, thus establishing that what are perceived demonic attacks (whether real or not) are surely not alien in nature but something else altogether, per the understanding of modern UFO culture and of modern paranormal culture.

Please be sure to visit UFO HIGHWAY dot com for more information on this subject.


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