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One of the earliest people to begin investigative work into Area 51 is Norio Hayakawa. From the theory on Thermo-Nuclear boring devices capable of constructing Deep Underground Military Bases, to the mysterious Triangular Shaped Aircraft later to be revealed as the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter, it was Norio who was the (first) independent investigator and researcher to discover the evidence of these enigmatic items, in addition to many otheres, making the public aware.

If something was going on at Area 51 you could be certain that Norio was investigating it. But to say that Norio only touches on Area 51 is analogous to saying Leonardo da Vinci just painted. You see, Norio has uncovered and exposed so much of the covert drudgery, with direct correlation to ongoing government abuses, and secrecy surrounding Black Budget efforts, such as "Project Blue Beam" and HAARP; works which potentially could have ill-affects thrusted upon the general populace. If there are new unknown technologies being developed by the government or private enterprise, which may affect the public ... Norio is probably already investigating it.

Norio’s work encompasses research into UFO’s over a span of 45 years recounting evidence of hundreds of detailed sightings through photo analysis, physical visits to purported locations and the review of official and unofficial documents from both public citizens and government entities. Norio himself has experienced several sightings of which he cannot explain. He has interviewed hundreds of witnesses to sightings in addition to those who have claimed abduction. His efforts have taken him across the United States and as far away as Japan. Learn more about Norio Hayakawa in the book "UFO Highway".

Norio Hayakawa is a citizen of the U.S. and lives in New Mexico.


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