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“The premise that within our own solar system there was a race of intelligent beings far older than us, who are now gone, would certainly force us to rethink lots of questions, including the question of human origin. Where did we come from? Could we be the product of genetic engineering?”

- Dr. Michael Zimmerman,
Professor of Philosophy (Tulane University)


When you examine the exponential level of human evolutionary advancements, it is hard not to observe other similar species and see how they have remained relatively unchanged throughout their own evolutionary process. It opens one to speculate that possibly just possibly something or someone may have intervened in our natural state of progression.

We need to take this question a bit further and ask about possible alien hybridization occurring in humans at some early point in our evolution. From a scientific and purely analytical perspective; we must concede that the reference to ‘alien’ means anything other than human, foreign, and not necessarily from another planet, per se.

However, one must ask, “Just how strong is the possibility of alien hybridization occurring along our evolutionary timeline, and is there any evidence or proof?”

This hypothesis’ premise may be the answer. Succinctly put, ‘transformation hypothesis’ is the belief that humanity could not have evolved (to where we are today) solely through the prolonged processes of mutation and natural selection; rather, it involved non-human (terrestrial or extraterrestrial) sources of intervention, and provable through combining archeological artifacts, ancient religious texts and the modern science of genetics.

These ideas establish the foundation for proof that humans transformed over the last 200,000 years at an artificially accelerated pace directly from genetic manipulation by an advanced ‘higher’ source.

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